INCA UK International Network for Culture and Arts

True learning is only possible in a context where every difference is treasured and encouraged, where every point of view is appreciated for its capacity to enrich and refresh knowledge in people.

International Network of Culture & Arts INCA is specialised in the following areas:
- Theatre
- Training
- Multimedia
- Non-formal education
- Networking

INCA runs the following activities:
- Intercultural Exchanges
- Training Courses
- Showcases
- Performances
- Seminars

INCA has expanded into a network of individuals and organisations. We are committed to delivering activities that promote and develop social cohesion through culture & the arts.

INCA UK consists of trained actors and performers who are passionate about providing theatre experiences that respond to social and ethical agendas.

INCA Arts Space

About: the project is developing a mobile Arts Space in London and offers the opportunity to artists to strengthen their knowledge base and tools, exchange and learn new skills through Performing Arts and Multimedia.

The Space:

The laboratories & workshops: the main idea to have workshops and laboratories is to give artists the possibility to experiment themselves in different arts.

The Open Space: this is an Event in which the guests or the local groups/individuals can meet and organise their activities. It consists in a space in which performances and concerts are held.

Events & Presentations: collaborations, showcases, exhibition, screenings, small festivals etc. will be organised.

The project has been funded by the Youth in Action programme.

Info-line: +44 (0) 7534687677